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As kids of the 80s, the Baby Audio team have always been drawn to the sound of slightly out-of-tune synths, warm tape saturation, gritty samples and grainy reverbs.

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Windows download v1.1: BABY Audio – Super VHS_full .rar / link 2

MacOS v1.1 download: BABY Audio – Super VHS_OSX_R2R.dmg

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Super VHS Size : 65,1 Mo How to download on VSTMania

System Requirement

  • 2.4 GHz or higher processor
  • 4GB RAM minimum, 8GB or more recommended
  • Dual Layer compatible DVD-ROM drive
  • (Optional USB Drive/Download installations available)
  • 64GB of free hard drive space

Plugin Overview :



What is Super VHS Plugin ?

The revised filter section in Dune 3 now sports a dual multimode filter plus an insert effect. Different routing modes like serial/parallel and seamless blend via the Balance knob allow for unlimited creative input! New filter types have been added as well, and include zero-delay feedback filters derived from our latest analog modeling technology. For creative applications, new insert effects like the formant/vowel filter or phaser greatly increase the range of sound design possibilities. So they set out on a mission to capture the lofi spirit of our favorite decade — and bring it into a new decade. Meet a complex algorithm with eight simple knobs.

They named it ‘Super’ for its powers and ‘VHS’ for its sound. Baby Audio wanted this plugin to be like sending your sounds back in time, then re-discovering them on a worn-out VHS tape 30 years later. All with the click of a single button, right inside your DAW. The result is six unique effects coming together in a versatile signal chain. Super VHS will add some lofi authenticity to whatever clean sound you run through it — from a subtle touch of character to extreme sonic twists that leave your head spinning. Each effect has just a single control, but multiple parameters under the hood, allowing you to find endless combinations to transform your synths, samples, guitars, drums, vocals and beyond.

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